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The Downs Primary School & Nursery

The Downs Primary School & Nursery

House System


Our house system allows every pupil and member of staff to feel a sense of belonging to The Downs. By becoming a member of Dragon, Griffin, Lion or Unicorn house they are encouraged to show team spirit as all of the houses thrive on the ethos of “it’s the taking part that counts”. Each house is made up of children from all year groups and staff from all departments across the school. This breaks down barriers, creates a sense of togetherness and encourages the older children to look out for the younger ones.

Every child has opportunities to earn house points for their houses by one of the following methods:

  • They are given a Green Card for either learning or behaviour (Green Cards are awarded as part of our Behaviour and Relationships Policy)
  • Home learning (when pupils bring in home learning that has been set)
  • Reading at home (each time a child reads at home and gets their reading diary signed by an adult)
  • By being nominated for the Friday assembly Team Spirit badge award.
  • For every week where they have 100% attendance.

Children can gain valuable house points every day for merely doing the right thing.

Daring Dragons Assemble!

Head of House: Mr D Doyles

Dragons lift your wings high and soar to the sky.  Uphold the flame of honour and keep the legend burning bright. Just like the mighty dragon we will be:  

  • Daring
  • Respectful
  • Amazing
  • Gifted
  • Outstanding - and we
  • Never give up!

The Dragons will reign supreme!!

I am honoured to be the leader of Dragon House. I look forward to seeing every member of Dragon House participate in the endless opportunities that school has to offer.

Be brave in the quest of what sets your imagination on FIRE!!

Great Griffins Soar

Head of House: Miss S Weekly

The Griffin is a combination of the King of the Beasts and the King of the Birds – we are totally the BEST!  Just like the Griffin we are a mixture of intelligence, kindness and strength.


  • Gracious
  • Respectful
  • Interesting
  • Fearless
  • Fabulous
  • Intelligent
  • Never defeated

I am delighted to be the Leader of Griffin House because the griffin is a magnificent creature. I know every single member will show determination and team spirit no matter what the challenge is!

We are a MAGNIFICENT TEAM who will strive to do our best in any battle.

Magnificent Lions Roar!

Head of House: Mrs J Bauckham

Magnificent lions gather around!

The lion is a magnificent beast and the King of the jungle and so Lion House are a mighty team and the Kings of The Downs.

We are strong, smart, courageous and skilled. We know what we want and we know how to work as a team to achieve it. Just like a lion we take pride in working together.

  • We are Lovely
  • We are Inspirational
  • We are Optimistic and
  • We Never stop trying!

I am really proud to be the Leader of Lion House as it is full of truly amazing people who can do wonderful things. We can take on any team, in any challenge and be the best that we can be!

We are LION house. Hear us ROAR!

Ultimate Unicorns Unite!

Head of House: Mrs G Ding

Being the leader of Unicorn House is a great honour. Every member is magnificently unique in every way!

We are majestic and magical and take pride in all of our achievements. We learn from each other and believe that teamwork is the key to being successful. However, we are very competitive so watch out!

Members of Unicorn house are:

  • Unique
  • Noble
  • Inclusive
  • Competitive
  • Original
  • Respectful
  • Nurturing