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The Downs Primary School & Nursery

The Downs Primary School & Nursery


During our OFSTED inspection in January 2023 we are pleased the inspection team said:

· This school is a happy place for pupils.

· Pupils delight in undertaking the new and established roles and responsibilities that develop their leadership skills. The pupil leadership team canvas pupils’ opinions, helping to shape things like the lunchtime menu. The house captains oversee events, such as designing greetings cards for the school community. These opportunities allow pupils from different year groups to work and socialise together. Doing so helps older pupils to mentor younger ones. These positive interactions are typical of pupils’ everyday experiences.

· Pupils are safe because staff spring into action, listening attentively to pupils’ concerns. Working together, they come up with sensible next steps to solve problems. This includes with bullying. Pupils know staff will investigate allegations of bullying carefully, putting in place support for those involved. This keeps bullying to an absolute minimum.

· Pupils respond to the high expectations of how they should behave. They are fond of the staff in school. They enjoy lessons because their teachers and teaching assistants are enthusiastic and kind.

· Recent appointments galvanised school leadership. Leaders, with support from the trust, have successfully raised staff morale. Leaders have resounding support from staff, parents and pupils.

· Recently appointed leaders are improving their systems for identifying and supporting pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

· Leaders act swiftly to better pupils’ behaviour. Staff in the early years start to build positive relationships with children that continues throughout the school. For some time now, systems for attendance have been working well. Staff who oversee attendance expect all pupils to be in school. They work quickly and closely with families to ensure this happens.

· There is a suitable programme in place that promotes pupils’ personal development. Leaders provide an external counselling service. Pupils like how they can access the counsellors if they want to talk about something that is playing on their mind.

· Through extra-curricular activities, pupils realise their talents and interests. Pupils can compete in cross-school sporting events, including futsal and swimming galas. There is a growing range of after-school clubs, including cookery, dance and origami, to broaden pupils’ experiences.


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