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The Downs Primary School & Nursery

The Downs Primary School & Nursery

Parents views

The Downs is continually looking to work with all members of its community so we can continue to grow and develop. As a school, we value the opinion of parents and regularly ask for feedback, this may be formally or informally, and will help us to improve further.

In the last survey, March 2022, over 90% of parents stated:

  • Their child feels safe at The Downs.
  • The school makes sure it's pupils are well behaved.
  • The school makes them aware of what their child will learn during the year.
  • When they have raised concerns with the school, they have been dealt with properly.
  • The school has high expectations for their child.
  • Their child does well at the school.
  • There is a good range of subjects available to their child.
  • Their child can take part in clubs and activities at the school.
  • The school supports their child's wider personal development.
  • They would recommend the school to another parent.

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