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The Downs Primary School & Nursery

The Downs Primary School & Nursery

Pupil views

Pupil views from Autumn Term 2019

Our Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) have been meeting to review systems put in place this term.

  • It was noticed that too many children were using rubbers in lessons. The PLT agreed with this and teachers don’t allow rubbers nearly as often.
  • The KS2 children really like conference marking. They spend quality time with their class teacher looking through their books and agreeing targets so that their learning moves on. Some children are now on their second round and are reviewing their own targets.
  • The children suggested mindfulness being used more in class. Mrs Alford went on a course, taught the staff what she learnt and now classes are trying out mindfulness in class, so that everyone remains calm and focused and ready to learn.
  • All classes do ‘Drop Everything and Read’ (DEAR). All children say they enjoy this activity and some classes would like it to happen more often. Even the teacher reads as reading for pleasure is very important in developing necessary lifelong reading skills. The PLT will continue to monitor this.
  • In KS2 they report that most children like the new playground rota and they especially like having the equipment out to play with. They have enjoyed learning playground games in their PE lessons and have been trying these out when they are outside at lunchtime. They also like ‘Free Friday’ where they can choose where they go.
  • The PLT have been discussing arrangements for Christmas and have had their say in some of the ideas and events. They are still deciding on the organisation of class Christmas parties.
  • The PLT will be meeting with Mr Adams, our Chair of Governors soon to answer his questions and give their input into school improvement.
  • Coming soon – classes are now expected to promote no hands up – encouraging all children to be thinking. The PLT will feedback on this soon. KS2 have been spending 5 minutes every day doing activities in maths to promote fluency – The PLT are also monitoring this.
  • Year 6 PLT will be helping to sell books at our upcoming Book Fair and Year 5 PLT will be helping to develop our school travel plan in January – this will involve doing assembly and working with 3PR and highways and transportation.