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The Downs Primary School & Nursery

The Downs Primary School & Nursery

Pupil views

We continue to work with all members of our community so we can continue to grow and develop. As a school, we value the opinion of children and regularly ask for feedback, this may be formally or informally, and will help us to improve further. 

We are very pleased that nearly all questions received over 90% positive feedback, we also followed up with every child on any feedback that was given.

Over 90% of children reported that:

91% - They enjoy school

97% - Teacher helps them to do their best

90% - They are given work that challenges (we want this to be even higher) so we will be working on this

92% - They enjoy learning at school

92% - Teachers listen to what they have to say

92% - They have an adult they could talk to in school

91% - Bullying does not happen or is dealt with

90% - They feel safe at school (we have followed up on this as all children should feel safe at school, children do worry about things personal to them)

97% - They are encouraged to look after their physical health

95% - They are encouraged to look after their emotional and mental health

95% - They take part in activities outside of school

97% - They are encouraged to be independent and take on responsibilities

97% - They are encouraged to respect people from other backgrounds and treat people equally

95% - The school provides me with information about my next steps


Behaviour of other pupils in class and around school is still perceived to be below 90% good so we are addressing this. The Pupil Leadership team have done two learning walks and were impressed at just how focused all the children were in every lesson they visited. Behaviour around the school is good, PLT had high expectations and did not see any off task behaviour during the learning walks.